Sunday, September 01, 2013

ROOFTOP, URBAN FARMING IN HONG KONG: along with a wonderful time recalling the precious life of our late sister, Dr. Agatha Chan, and teaching Hong Kong folks how to counsel and listen to one another, we found a surprise. From the farm in Japan to the farm in Hong Kong! People were doing rooftop organic farming all year around. Composting. Multiplying farms in the city. Eating healthy, organic foods! A new view of one of my favorite cities in the world!

A most incredible city, Hong Kong!

Sharing a meal and ideas with Jonathan and Jennifer Ngo, two brilliant and wonderful young people.

domestic helpers on a day off

North Point, Hong Kong, outdoor market

North Point fresh vegetable stand

rooftop view

rooftop farming, a growing hobby for many Hong Kong residents

Winnie Ngo chatting about rooftop farming!

the "farmers" of Hong Kong!

composting, even in the middle of an urban area!

cucumbers, yummmm

ministering in Hong Kong

the beautiful city!

2013: THE HIPPOPOSTMAN ("KABA NO UBINHAITATSUNIN") continues to meet people in Japan. Though over a decade ago, the "hippopotamus postman" television series (Harvest Time, Kenichi Nakagawa-sensei) was seen by over 7 million viewers, people still remember the hippo. One woman in Tochigi came up to me to ask me if I was, indeed, "Dr. Hippo"? She recalled the series. Another man in Yamada (photo below) came to me to tell me how the hippo stories helped him to truly understand God's love. Others discovered the stories of love for the first time and wanted to be couriers of love, as there are so many who need to know of love, real love, love from the heart, true love in action.

Yamada, Iwate, where a small coffee house is built in the "inundation" zone:  "ippo ippo" (one step at a time)

A young Christian girl miraculous rescued from the tsunami who is now a "postwoman" (or "letter carrier" in the USA);  she decided to become a real "hippopostwoman"!

Hope Center in Kesennuma, in the post-disaster recovery area, reaching out to the community.

A young man who first began to find the meaning of God's love through the "hippopotamus" television series by Harvest Time television.

A woman who found that there is a loving God and read the stories of love, bringing her to a kingdom where love prevailed!

The "hippo" manga drawn by Tokyo artist Ayah Kakinuma.

Hippo books and DVDs went out to over 7 million viewers in Japan and are still being seen on the internet, through YouTube!

The finest of "udon" shops in Yokohama with none other than the "hippopostman" himself with his "hippofriend"!

Asian Rural Institute 2013 -- a very special time with people from 17 nations + Japanese and foreign staff members; training participants in "servant leadership," "sustainable farming" and "organic farming" while dealing with radiation from Fukushima and learning to love one another as a community.

Asian Rural Institute 2013 workgroup

ARI ladies relaxing

ARI Patricia speaking

ARI participants on "yukata" day

dismantling for transfer to the new chapel

Yukiko-san protecting against ???

eating... yummmmm

Japanese friends in the kitchen



Japanese friends on a coffee break

the fields

Saturday, February 16, 2013

the young and the old

When life is at its best, it becomes a time for the older people to bless the children.  And instead of controlling or bullying the young with "authoritarian" lectures and domination,  it is also a time for the older people to bow our heads before the younger people who can then bless, love, and protect their elders.  A good season in time.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A special place with special people for a special time....
There is a place way way "up river" where children still swim in rivers, where the people are used to walking for days in the rain forest, where Starbucks has yet to plant a coffee shop, where the day begins with fervent prayer, where there are no buildings above 3 stories, where no one invests in stocks or derivatives, where there are no weapons of mass destruction (though there are leeches and humongous roaches and snakes)......

Who is the "hippopotamus postman"?  In 1990, a man named Bob Jones prayed for me and said, "Young man, you are a hippopotamus postman"!  


"The hippo is one of the most fierce animals in the jungle though people don't realize it because he is, well, funny, with those little wiggly ears and all.  But yes, you are funny too, but nothing stops you from going where you are supposed to go!"  "But the postman?"  "The postman is the mailman, you see.  You will be delivering letters."  "Letters"?  "Love letters from God.  You will be telling people how much God loves them."  And indeed, I have been doing that for over 20 years now, for every person is created in the image of God, each person to be treasured, valued and loved.