Sunday, June 05, 2016

Children of Golden Hill

Many years ago, I and some friends began an unusual "church" made up mostly of children who were wandering around the streets of an area known as "Golden Hill" in San Diego.  Lots of drugs, crime, violence, broken families, and homelessness.  Yet these were beautiful children.... forever imprinted on my heart. 

Pentecost in Russia

I will be posting some photos I've found in boxes in my garage.  Treasures, to me.

This is a photo of Pentecost, 2014, in a small town in Southern Russia (after the fall of the iron curtain).  I was praying for some villagers and as they knew it was Pentecost, they all asked for me to pray for them to "receive the power of the Holy Spirit"!  Indeed, God graciously granted their wish and we prayed almost all night.  They then went home and prayed for their family members to receive the Holy Spirit.  What a joy these Russians were!!!