Sunday, March 09, 2014

To boldly go....

the kingdoms of this world are so "finite"
THE MAN FROM OUTER SPACE?  About 30 years ago, when I was a relatively new Christian, I went to a "psychic faire" where a psychic exclaimed, "Hey everyone, look what I've found!  A man from outer space, a man from another planet!"  And here I am today, surely a man who has lived in a "different kingdom" from the "kingdom of this world"!
a man from outer space, but with a heart!

Sometimes suspended in another world?
mission control is in our limited mindl
suited up to boldly go...
to a  "reality" (a journey) which is beyond the moon!

The kingdom I have discovered is even beyond the moon, even beyond all planets, all galaxies...  a kingdom of eternity, of a supernatural and loving God in a heaven we cannot see nor even conceive of in our wildest dreams..... of things invisible which are more real than we can imagine... where earthly riches, property, power, or prestige, are irrelevant.... Recently, at the Griffith Park Observatory and Houston's NASA, my wife and I were exposed to man's attempts to somehow comprehend the incomprehensible, to traverse the infinite, to visualize the invisible, to touch the Creator Himself, and yet, ultimate reality will always be beyond our imagination, our technology, even our dreams.

And so many have asked:  "what has happened to my wife?"  Somehow, like Star Trek, we have decided (often reluctantly and hesitantly) again and again to "boldly go"  where we have not gone before, to places we have never been to... to the jungles of Borneo, the radiation zone of Japan, the HDB heartland of Singapore... and...!