Sunday, June 05, 2016

Children of Golden Hill

Many years ago, I and some friends began an unusual "church" made up mostly of children who were wandering around the streets of an area known as "Golden Hill" in San Diego.  Lots of drugs, crime, violence, broken families, and homelessness.  Yet these were beautiful children.... forever imprinted on my heart. 

Pentecost in Russia

I will be posting some photos I've found in boxes in my garage.  Treasures, to me.

This is a photo of Pentecost, 2014, in a small town in Southern Russia (after the fall of the iron curtain).  I was praying for some villagers and as they knew it was Pentecost, they all asked for me to pray for them to "receive the power of the Holy Spirit"!  Indeed, God graciously granted their wish and we prayed almost all night.  They then went home and prayed for their family members to receive the Holy Spirit.  What a joy these Russians were!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Who are the Syrian refugees?

With all the publicity given to the thousands if not millions of refugees in the Middle East, the question is, "Who are they?"

photo by:  Souleima Chreim

The refugees are not just numbers.  Each one has a name and story to be told, often stories of great suffering yet of courage, endurance, and love.  Despite broken hearts, the loss of beloved family members, each refugee I met cared deeply.  In the midst of confusion and turmoil, each person, man, woman and child, loved and even managed to smile at times.  What a joy to be with them as they gave me more than I was ever able to give them.


I just met a man in Lebanon and spent time with him.  Each day, he walks along the streets of the poor areas of Beirut, just meeting with people, no matter what their religion or background, giving, sharing, talking.  He loves them greatly.  There is so much in the media about the plight of Syrian refugees but little about the people who love them.  The man often says, "Sorry, I don't know if I can pay your hospital bills or provide rent money, but I will try to get you some food for the children... the best I can."  And he does, person by person, child by child.  A man of love on the streets.

Library Link:

THE HIPPO HAS MADE IT TO THE MIDDLE EAST!    The book is out of print, but now the hippo stories (10 of them) are on YouTube.  See the "Library Link" above.  With all the turmoil, rage, fear, violence, and unforgiveness in the region, the Middle Eastern people are also people of great love, sacrifice, hospitality and kindness.  The hippo loves them a lot!  

So, enjoy the YouTube and send links to your friends if you feel led to do so!

Dr. Hippo

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pathways on the Journey of Life

story, "The Odd Angel"
available on YouTube:


As I say in my introduction, life is a journey.  We walk along a pathway, whether we decide to or not.  We are headed "home."  For those of us who are Christians, "home" is ultimately heaven, where God, our Father, awaits us with open, loving arms. 

Life's pathways are sometimes long, sometimes short, often rocky and steep and at other times, downhill or smooth.  Sometimes we coast along effortlessly and at other times, it is a struggle which seems beyond our capacity.  Can we go on? 

And often we think we know where we're going but life surprises us and suddenly we are heading in new directions.

Most of all, we meet people along life's journey.  Inevitably.  People we like, even love.  People we don't like.  Rich and poor people.  (the story above, "The Odd Angel" is about a homeless man I met).  Smart and not so smart.  Strangers and family.  Some who need help.  Others who help us.

The most important question is how we respond to those we meet along the pathways of life. 

And that is what the life of Jesus was all about.  Instead of avoiding or rejecting them, he had a special love for the poor, the hurting, the rejects, the outcasts.  He went out of his way to touch them and heal them  --  sharing his life, food, and time with them.  He died for them, even for his enemies and those who persecuted and even murdered him.

Jesus showed us true love along the pathways on his journey of life. 

Recent pictures along my life's journey follow.